Clad Steel - Single Wire

single wire

Intral’s aluminum clad steel wire ("Alumoweld") is used by the world’s leading manufacturers of overhead fibre-optic ground wire (OPGW). It is also widely used for preformed cable attachments.

Product Composition

Intral’s wire consists of a central steel core with a layer of high-conductivity aluminum extruded over it. The aluminum layer thickness is at least 10% of the wire radius and approximately 25% of the cross-sectional area. Conductivity being proportional to the aluminum layer thickness Intral manufactures a complete line of aluminum-clad steel wire with various conductivity levels. Conductivities ranging from 20% to 40 % I.A.C.S are available.

20% I.A.C.S.

40% I.A.C.S.

Common Specifications

  • ASTM B-415 Hard Drawn Aluminum-Clad Steel Wire
  • ASTM B-502 Aluminum-Clad Steel Core Wire for Aluminum Conductors, ACSR
  • IEC 1232 Aluminum-Clad Steel Wire for electrical purposes

Single wire is sold onto wooden reels carrying weights up to 2 tons.